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Ask me anything Sun, Jul. 27, 2014
racheeerios Asked:
just wanted to say i think your thoughts about sterek are spot on

Thank you!

I actually adore the ship, and I enjoy reading and rping Sterek (I’ve been trying to all evening but omegle is being… difficult). I enjoy Teen Wolf on two levels: the show itself, and Sterek way I participate in fandom.

Also, 90% of what I see in Sterek fic and RP is OOC for the characters as they currently are. I feel the Sterek a lot of people ship is S1&2 Stiles and Derek, not the characters as they’ve developed.

I also hope that fans who are still upset with how things are going participate in the Scream Louder campaign and not the Teen Wolf blackout. Even if I don’t agree with all of the points Scream Louder brings up, it’s a constructive way for fans to express their dissatisfaction.

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Donate to the Ali Forney Center by READING FANFIC


"Because it’s fine if the actors don’t want to discuss a relationship. It’s fine if they don’t want to answer a question. It is NOT fine if they only want to discuss straight relationship. It is NOT fine if they only dismiss questions about LGBTQ couples. Is is NOT fine to include queer characters only in the backgrounds, and then be offended when fans hungry for representation aren’t 100% satisfied. ALL fans deserve respect." —anon

[Note: We love Teen Wolf, and its cast. That’s why we hope to fix its LGBTQ PR issues through love and strong support of a great cause, rather than through boycotts and hateful messages.]


Now THIS is how to express yourself if you’re upset with how a show is treating you. You turn it into something positive and you have a constructive dialogue to change the atmosphere. Not “boycotting”, which can only hurt the thing you love.

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lockthedragon Asked:
Sterek might be a mostly fanon based thing but when Teen Wolf and MTV abuse our love for the ship to make us vote for things for them, or trick us into watching the show, that's a problem. The infamous Sterek Boat video being a good example and how they always go "Look! We gave you a Sterek scene this episode! Even though they are only in the same room together and don't talk, it's still sterek! Love us, watch the show!"

Here’s the thing: I think it’s safe to say that whenever they started the show, Sterek was not even anything they considered. When it gained an underground following, they figured it was fun to reference it and interact with fans— the boat video is them saying, “Hey fans! We know you’re into this ship, we’re winking and nodding to it as we promote our show!” It was about acknowledging a fandom trend and proving that they were cool with it. (There are a lot of shows that won’t acknowledge it or express disgust right away, so it was a refreshing thing).

But fans didn’t take it as a wink and a nod, they took it as conformation for canon. And then 75% percent of their interaction with actors and creators was “STEREK STEREK STEREK.” The ship was never endgame, it was never on their radar. And something that they were like “Hey, people like this interaction, it’s so cool the art and the creative they’re putting into it” about became “Oh my god, why are they still talking about this? We never said it’s canon, it’s not going to become canon.” And fans get really aggressive about it, too. There’s anger Sterek will never happen (instead of anger about the actual queerbaiting, like the Malia/Kira dance scene. Sure, there was anger, but not the continued, rolling entitled anger people are having with Sterek).

So it’s not surprising that the people who good naturedly fielded the questions before now shy away from it. People are ignoring everything else that’s going on on the show in favor of focusing on a ship that probably won’t happen. (I could see it happening, once upon a time. But not anymore— fans killed the possibility.)

Also, I have to say— as soon as the show realized how seriously people were taking their Sterek talk, they stopped. It’s pretty clear they treated it as a fandom in-joke— like the way fans want to see Stiles shirtless. And they make jokes about it (including having Stiles’ change behind Scott’s locker). But when they saw how invested fans were, they stopped treating it lightly. And so they didn’t encourage things that wouldn’t happen, they’ve stopped acknowledging it.

Basically, fandom has given them an ultimatum: if they playfully reference Sterek with fans but don’t put it in the show, they’re queerbaiting. And if they stop talking about it and try to keep it from coming up in official functions, they’re disrespecting fans.

They literally can’t win. They treated Sterek like it was any other non-canon ship, and people took it too far. People accused them of queerbaiting while ignoring how positively the show treated homosexuality. (If Stiles isn’t canonly bi, it’s because they don’t wait to feed the Sterek fire, since it was Word of God’d a few years ago). The show has since done some pretty questionable things, but I think it’s because they’re trying to navigate the minefield of not encouraging fans while not discouraging them either. 

If you want to see a show that hates its shippers, see if you can guess which one I’m talking about. They made fun of one of the biggest ships of the time on screen, created a fangirl character meant to mock fans, presented gay relationships as “hilarious” until they created a second fangirl character who suddenly made gay relationships sexy. 

I think Teen Wolf’s disasters have come not from disrespecting fans, but from trying to be too respectful. They didn’t want to shut people down for seeing a pairing, but people became angry when their playfulness about it didn’t translate into canon. People are taking a cast of lovely, wonderful people and turning them into monsters for not caving into their demands.

And guess what? If Sterek happens, I want it to be because the characters came together organically. I don’t want it to happen because a fans forced them into it.

unpopular opinion

I ship Sterek to hell and back, and it is totally my OTP. But when I watch the show, there are way more Stiles/Scott, Scott/Derek, Stiles, Stydia, Lydia/Scott, even Lydia/Malia moments then there are Sterek moments. And while I do think the characters and actors have chemistry, there really haven’t been as many scenes everyone thinks there is.

Sterek is almost entirely fanon (which is one of the reasons we love it so much, can we really trust the show to do it right?) and that’s okay. The Stiles and Derek I see people ship are the Stiles and Derek from S1&2. And again, that’s okay, but that’s not where the show is, and that’s not where the characters are. They could get there again, but I don’t see it happening. And to be perfectly honest? If I was an actor or a writer for the show? I’d be annoyed by Sterek too.

It’s a beautiful paring, and it’s inspired jaw-dropping fanfics, beautiful art, countless friendships, and a really amazing charity. But it is not Teen Wolf, and people who act like it is are only going to be disappointed.

@racheeerios said: We must never be on omegle at the same time because I never see prompts at all, let alone good ones

Is that the newest trend? No prompts? I really like omegling but lately there’s been so much rudeness and entitledness, and I’ve noticed it’s while people are mad about what’s happened in fandom for the past few weeks.

Like, it’s fine if people unhappy with the creators, but if they insist that they’re ruining a good thing while it’s the fans that make fandom a toxic place then the writers are the least of our problems.

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Maybe my problem is that I’m using more elaborate prompts and people can’t understand them? Or people just can’t use their imaginations and jump in and want everything spelled out for them.

(Personally, I’m a fan of writing a prompt that gives wriggle room to the other person for their character’s motivations. I don’t want to dictate how your playing your character for you!)

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I fully know this is dangerous
But I’ve never been too good at control

this is also adorable because you can tell a non-US fan made it

i love those little unconscious things that make it into art and stories that give tiny little clues about the the author without saying a word

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