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tom hiddleston, michael fassbender, and benedict cumberbatch greet a gathering of small marine life


tom hiddleston, michael fassbender, and benedict cumberbatch greet a gathering of small marine life

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How freaking much of a coincidence is this????


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It’s so good. The whole thing is on youtube.

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"I like it, Derek. I like the thrill of it, adrenaline; the taste of the blood… It makes me feel alive. Does that make me evil? No. It makes me human."

Spawned from this thing between me and copperspecks

This AU is a problem and I don’t regret a thing

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Now I wanna read serial killer sterek fics this is all your fault copperspecks

Then my work here is done.

I actually know exactly how Peter would kidnap Stiles, and how that all tied up with his killings.

And I know Detective Derek Hale (who really shouldn’t be on this case, conflict of interest much) is just trying to figure out if this kid Stiles is a victim or an accomplice.

omg omg and then Stiles makes his first kill because Peter makes him but it turns out he likes it likes the feeling of blood on his hands and the copper scent and taste because why should anyone else live while his parents couldn’t, plus it somehow really turns him on and Peter likes that too

And Peter has to get rid of Derek because he’s becoming too close to the truth and assigns Stiles to the task of “running away” from Peter and to Derek for safety and then finishing the job

But when Stiles gets to the station and is ushered into Derek’s office, cheeks wet with fake tears, he sees the Stilinski case file, one that had been closed weeks ago due to no further information, open on Derek’s desk obviously being canvased and he just can’t because someone is actually trying to help him but he still wants to kill because he needs it now, needs it like air but it can’t be Derek

So he sets his sights on Peter instead

Meanwhile Peter, Peter just likes to play. And he won’t kill Stiles if he tries to act out— no, he’s had the boy by his side for almost eight years, he know how he works. He’ll just break him a little, which would be a shame, but still quite beautiful.

So he lets Stiles think he’s winning, lets him think he’s successfully manipulating him. Because he can see the way Derek looks at Stiles, and maybe Peter’s always had a soft spot for his nephew too. He tries so hard to be gruff but he has a natural trusting instinct that results in absolute loyalty once he lets someone in.

And really, if he plays his cards right, he might be able to have them both. The trick will be to get Derek to play with Stiles, just once, and then he can reel them both in while there’s still blood dripping from Derek’s hands.

Stiles had already been doing things with Peter, so he wasn’t new to any of this, okay, but with Derek it was so pure and adorable the way Derek arched under his touches and he let Derek think he was pulling him back together one piece at a time, meanwhile he’d slit the throat of the woman who pissed him off at the gas station less than 36 hours ago and then Peter had licked the blood from the knife

He works with Peter still and tries to wedge himself in there deep enough, but Peter is much smarter than him and he can tell he just knows the second they make eye contact, so Stiles drops to his knees instead of speaking

The one day Stiles accidentally nicked himself on the paper shredder in Derek’s office and Derek kissed the younger’s hand where the cut was bleeding just more than slightly, and Stiles knew he didn’t imagine how Derek’s tongue had peeked out and licked the blood away from his lips afterward, and a new sense of right had settled in the pit of Stiles’ stomach as he pulled Derek in close and tasted his blood from Derek’s tongue, and it somehow tasted sweeter knowing Peter would taste it later too

Sometimes Peter steps back, makes Stiles do the hunting. Lets him get more sure of himself, but stays aloof so that confidence in his work is always followed by him looking to Peter for approval. And he rewards Stiles, touches him exactly how he knows Stiles needs to be touched.

Meanwhile Derek is wracked with guilt, because Stiles is involved with the case. What’s more, he doesn’t know what Peter did to Stiles, doesn’t want to be like his uncle. And Stiles is… Stiles is amazing to Derek, because he’s warm, and he laughs too much and moves too much and he’d too loud and too aggrivating. But sometimes Derek sees something, a flash of anger that seems like something darker, something ugly. But surely he has to be haunted, right? That’s all that’s wrong with Stiles?

Since Stiles hasn’t been killing as long as Peter has, his urges are less often and less severe, but after two weeks of not witnessing Peter gut someone, or doing it himself, he begins to get antsy and he pulls himself away from Derek a little and spends more time with Peter, watching him polish his choice knives and pressing soft kisses to his neck over the scratches the last victim had given him (Peter was sure to tear the fingernails apart so that no DNA evidence of his skin was left over)

And then one day Derek boldly confronts Stiles about still seeing Peter, and Stiles “breaks”, bursts into tears like he was taught and wails on about how 8 years of Stockholm syndrome can’t be easily recovered from but he just saw him that’s all nothing happened, and Derek feels so bad he lets Stiles do whatever to him that evening, and when Stiles’ sharp nails draw blood Derek takes it and even kisses it off of Stiles’ lips later

The next day Derek fakes a sick day and follows Stiles to where Peter is but waits until Stiles is gone from sight before moving to confront Peter, because he needs to end this once and for all, and the second he sees his uncle all he wants to do is wrap his hand around his neck and bruise the skin before snapping it, and where the thought would normally terrify him it just exhilarates him, and he begins to realize that maybe it can be in the bloodline, and maybe Stiles isn’t the only one with something wrong

And Peter’s done this long enough that he knows what that look in Derek’s eyes means, and he knows that if he uses Stiles as bait, they can lure Derek in. So he carefully weaves his spell, tells Derek that these are just hunting knives, really, and he should cut Stiles some slack. The boy’s had a hard life, and Peter’s been nothing but good to him, and now he’s lost his support. Derek should help him, support him, do whatever he can.

And maybe he arranges for Derek and Stiles to be at the same place at the same time, jumped my the wrong people. And Derek just wants to protect Stiles, Stiles is just excited to have a legal reason to kill in front of Derek, and he looks back at Stiles over the body of their attackers, quivering and covered in blood.

Stiles knows how Derek is feeling, the confusion, the anger, the thrill, and it’s all very overwhelming at first, so Stiles does what Peter did for him after his first kill, he takes Derek home, calls Peter to take care of the bodies, and with the excitement of a fresh kill still thrumming through his veins he lowers himself and Derek into the warm tub and he silently cleans all of the blood off of them, starting with Derek, and kisses him soothingly until the shivers and adrenaline being to fade away

Derek feels like he’s blacking out and then coming back, because he remembers the knife that was thrust into his hand, and then he remembers the feeling of blood trickling between his fingers as he slices up, and then he remembers tasting blood and seeing his ruined shirt that used to be blue and Stiles, beautiful Stiles, panting and grinning widely as the body in front of him crumples lifelessly to the ground, and now he’s here, being pampered and loved, bathed and then fed, and now spooned on his large bed

He heard the door creak open but he’s too tired or maybe too content to look up or move and see who it is, but he knows who is there anyway, and when Peter’s knee dips the mattress, Derek offers his hand, palm up, in a silent invitation, and Soon he is sandwiched between the two murderers, but he supposes he is one too now, and the words of comfort Stiles is whispering, about how the first one is always the hardest but it gets easier and more fun, especially with people you care about, they put him at ease, and even though he can feel some blood dried and caked under his fingernails still, he finds himself grinding down against his uncle and slotting one of Stiles’ legs between his, and when he comes he exhales all of his worries, because he knows he will be taken care of

Stiles strokes at Derek, keeps him warm and comforted because Derek isn’t sharp yet— Stiles had been exposed to Peter for years, but Derek’s still soft. Still has a conscience, even if they’re beginning to strip it away. Together, they roll Derek onto his back, Stiles settling between his legs while Peter has Derek describe what he remembers, how it felt. Derek doesn’t really stand a chance, not when they’re both focused on him, until his body isn’t strung out from nerves but from slack, until Stiles’ lips have chased away every wrinkly off Derek’s forehead, until Stiles is hovering over Derek, panting at his neck while Peter takes him, because he needs Derek to want this too. To need it.

And Peter knows— he just knows by the way Derek’s looking at Stiles that they have him, because Peter treasures Stiles like a pet, like a priceless object he’s collected. Derek’s looking at Stiles like he’s his world, like he’ll do anything to see pure glee in his eyes.

It takes him a while, but soon Derek comes to the sudden realization that killing has a purpose and Stiles and Peter have opened his eyes to see the world a whole new way. At work, Derek reviews the cases he’s been assigned and begins to pity the man who took the ring finger from every woman he tortured because all he ever wanted was love, and didn’t everyone deserve that? Certainly Stiles does, and maybe even Peter, but it will take Derek much longer to soften to Peter’s touches the way he melts into Stiles’. And Derek can love him, has enough love for the both of them, and he believes that if he loves them enough. they might find it in themselves to stop killing.

They start off small with Derek. having him just watch their kills from a distance, and then they talk them over with him afterwards as they dispose of the body. The first time Derek makes the kill in the group, he is steady handed and doesn’t begin shaking until they are back at his apartment, and Peter and Stiles kiss the tremors out of him as Stiles rims him and Peter takes his cock into his mouth. His release is the most mind-blowing one he’s had in months, and he thinks the blood on his hands adds to the ambiance.

Soon, it’s been two months, and Derek hadn’t thought about getting them to quit at all. Instead, he’s been looking up apartments in Santa Monica. 

Stiles practically vibrates as he helps Derek move into his new apartment. Peter stays out of it— he wouldn’t help them move in the first place, and they can’t let people see him have any connection to Derek— but Stiles goes nuts, decorating it however he wants and bossing Derek around. They get pizza and Stiles won’t let Derek lurk, not yet, it’s too obvious. “You’re still learning,” Stiles says, flicking his nose. “Leave the planning to me, okay?”

But Peter brings a guest with him when he visits that nice, and maybe they christen Derek’s loft in a brand new way but hey, this place was perfect. No neighbors, easy to clean. Stiles has to admit Derek is a natural at this, and he nudges him playfully while they’re both wrist deep iin body disposal.

Meanwhile Peter watches them, and frowns, because they seem wrapped up in each other and really, he thinks both of them might be due for a lesson in who is directing who.

Peter tells Derek he is ready to do his own kill, and though he is nervous, he’s also excited that Peter believes in him so much. Unbeknownst to him, Peter also has Stiles go off on his own kill for the evening, to get him out of the way. Derek struggles a bit with the tracking of his prey, but it’s easy enough to get the kill done. But someone must have tipped off the cops because now Derek is in the woods with a dead body in his arms and he’s sobbing and Stiles won’t answer the phone. Peter comes out of the shadows and soothes him, takes care of the body, and tells him he did a good job, a clean kill, no one would ever find it was him, and Peter will keep him safe.

When they get back to the apartment, Stiles is there covered in another woman’s blood, a wide grin across his face that falls as soon as he sees Derek in a similar state. He knows then what Peter did, but says nothing because Peter has always helped him; Peter knows what’s best. Peter takes them both that evening after they are clean and comes with a wide grin that rivals Stiles’. Derek holds onto Peter like he will never let him go, and Stiles is plastered along his back, sticky, but smiling against his skin. Peter can’t love, he’s known that since he was young, but he has less of an urge to kill these two, and that is the closest he’s ever felt to it. Plus, he has always liked being worshiped. 

Really, the two boys are easier to manage then they think. Derek has abandonment issues, and Stiles needs attention. Peter can manage that, he likes keeping his toys close. Besides, it’s worth it to pull on Derek’s hair while he’s covered in blood, to push Stiles to the point of pain, watch the look on his face when his eyes go just a bit glassy as he gives in.

He can’t let the boys think they can be without him, though, so he sets up argument, solves them, lets them dance around new ways to kill and fuck and fuck and kill. And Stiles kind of hates how easily he is controlled sometimes, how much he looks to Peter for approval. But the one time he steps out of line he’s not allowed to see Derek for a week, and it’s the loneliest week of his life.

The apartment is silent when Stiles isn’t in it. Peter too, but when Peter is there, the only noises made are plotting or sex moans, which, don’t get Derek wrong, he really likes, but Stiles is someone he really likes, and more than just as a partner or a close family member like Peter. Without Stiles’ company, he eels like his life is missing something. So he throws himself into his work, pretends to investigate crimes, helps cover up a few trails, and then goes home to Peter who bites his lip in a bruising kiss until it bleeds.

When he finally sees Stiles again, it’s like a dam breaks and he holds his hand for an hour, not letting go, even when Peter pulled him into a chaste kiss. It’s obvious that Peter dislikes this, so Derek pulls him away to talk, privately. He talks of innocent things, though he is less so now, and he says that he believes he should marry Stiles, it would give them more of a cover, it wouldn’t change things, but it would be less conspicuous to anyone looking on. He looks up at Peter’s blank face, and Derek doesn’t know what he’s thinking, but it probably isn’t good. All he knows is that he’s not losing Stiles. Or anything. 

And Stiles knows something’s changed, because Peter’s temper is shorter now. Stiles spends some more time with him, trying to figure out what’s wrong. He ends up with more bruises for his trouble, hickies and bitemarks and fingertip bruises pressed to his hips. Peter starts taking the two of them together, but somehow he’s always in control, and somehow they’re never quite together in the ways they want to be.

So Stiles does more, tries to get Peter under control. and wonders if he should try to get Derek away because Derek can’t handle Peter in a Mood, not yet. Stiles has a chance because he’s been his obsession for years, at least he thinks so.

Derek’s coworkers have began to ask him questions about his home life, if he goes drinking often, has he been sleeping okay? Those are mighty deep bags under those young eyes, son. Derek always waves them off with a grin, stating he was trying to ween off coffee. But it was really a different addiction he should have been trying to break. He didn’t need the kills like Stiles and Peter did, but he understood them. He was tempted to opt out of the next hunt, but one sharp look from Peter had his parted lips snap closed. 

Derek could never be alone with Stiles anymore, and he knew it was his own fault for thinking they had anything more special than what he had with Peter. His body aches from bruises, not one of them made by Stiles. He longs for those, the ones that he would rub and and instantly get hard at the thought, but these new ones only make him hiss. Blood stains his dreams, and more often than not it’s Stiles’. One night he awoke screaming, and Peter and Stiles both stared at him. Peter was the one to tuck Derek against his chest and bite at his ear teasingly, but it was Stiles’ eyes that shone bright and told him that he understood. The ring Derek bought stays hidden in his work desk, and he wonders if it will ever come out. 

It’s only a matter of time before things go wrong. Stiles may be a hunter, but he still looks like a certain type of prey. He thinks he’s luring in a target, but when they get to the alley there’s a cloth over his nose and he can’t quite twist around. But he puts up enough of a fight that there’s a struggle, that he ends up with a knife twisted in his stomach as he slumps to the ground. And Derek won’t be there yet, Peter won’t be there yet, they never arrive in pairs, and Stiles finds himself fumbling with his food, blood smearing the screen as he tries to work it, but he passes out first.

Derek finds him. Derek finds him and brings him to the hospital, and Peter’s furious that he can’t go, but Stiles is now the victim of a crime and there are cops everywhere, he can’t connect himself to Derek. So he waits, planning on tearing apart Stiles’ attacker limb by limb, grilling Derek for information each night.

When Derek wished for time alone with Stiles, this wasn’t what he wanted. But fate has a way of working itself out, especially in the ways you don’t want it to. Stiles will live, but he’s not healed enough yet to leave the hospital. Derek gets a temporary paid leave from his work and watches over Stiles all day, and when the nurses force him home with pitying smiles he reports back to Peter any and all information he was able to gather that day. The fierce determination he can see in Peter’s eyes lets him know he’s off the hook for a while.

The next nurse who gives Derek that sad look has Derek gripping Stiles’ bed sheets so tightly that his knuckles are white and there are indents from his fingernails on his palms. Stiles calms him with soft words and has the red seeping from his vision. Stiles knows he’s stressed, but he can hold Derek’s hand again and kiss him, and mark him again, and he’s oddly never been happier. And that’s all Derek has ever wanted for Stiles, for them. When he knows they are alone, Peter is inquired about, and Derek assures him he is looking into it and that his attacker won’t get away. And Stiles gives him such a grateful look that it makes his stomach churn. 

When Peter and Stiles both think he is with the other, he pays off a kid named Matt Deahler who is still inexperienced, but he was good enough to get the job done. He tells the kid to run as fast as he can. When he gets home that evening, he has a name for Peter. 

The problem is, of course, that Stiles isn’t immune to trauma. He may go after other people, and he may have been kidnapped when he was 8, but he’s never actually been hurt before. He wakes up from dreams with a knife in his gut, shaking and clinging to Derek. It makes him want to run out, carve through people until the feeling goes away.

He wonders if it’s because Peter isn’t here to ground him, but he can’t help but feel glad Peter isn’t here. Peter is off to find whoever attacked him—and Stiles knows this kill will be spectacular—which means Stiles can finally be with Derek. It’s nice, and within the bubble of the hospital they can even pretend to be normal.

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Amazing cosplays!

Our bad-assed collection of amazing cosplays!


Is that first one an Assassins Creed version of Captain Jack Sparrow?????

Holy shit these are awesome

Team Rocket!

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Everyone who’s been playing Cards Against Humanity with me: I’m not going to start a game tonight because I have to do stupid responsible stuff. But I’m hoping to start a game tomorrow at the usual time if you want to join then!

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She’s human.  A mercenary for hire.


A Perfectly






She’s so perfectly ordinarily human


that she can survive an attack


by an alpha werewolf


whose claws go deep enough


that her blood sprays on the lockers next to her


but she survives with only the scars as a reminder


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if you keep reblogging celebs dumping water all over themselves, even if you’re not, please watch this. please please please watch this.

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